A fundamental cutting class designed especially for veterans or beginners. Discover basic cutting skills – the stuff they don’t teach you in cosmetology school. This two day course will include both theory and hands-on activity.

This class covers a theory-based understanding of body position, sectioning, shape and technique of one length and layer graduation. Students will also be trained in blow dry fundamentals with flat and round brushes to enhance the shape of their hair cuts.

Discussion topics include: equipment essentials, cutting palm to palm, mirror positioning to see shape, hydraulic chairs; how to use them and their benefits, etiquette behind the chair, delivering effective consultations, professionalism, what to discuss and what not to, and how to approach a guest.

The practical portion of the course will involve demonstrations and hands-on opportunities to create the following technical haircuts: one length with round layers, square layers and graduation, as well as long round graduation.

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